Friday, February 26, 2010

Post Pertama

Assalammualaikum kepada semua,

This is our first post in Freeway Design blog. Actually we have registered this blog under the name of Freeway Design since 2008, but did not update it since then because of many reasons. (antara reasons ya bz and malas..ehehe)

Anyway, few days ago, I received a call from a customer. He's from Limbang, Sarawak and he is interested on our wedding cards designs. Unfortunately, according to him, when he searched FREEWAY DESIGN on the Internet, he can only find the link to our Facebook which is also have not been updated in a long time. And this is actually a bad bad thing! We are in a very Internet-technology savvy world, but Freeway Design do not have any official interactive sites to communicate with customers?

So, after a chat with my significant other ;) she said that she will help me maintain this blog for me to interact with my customers. I will update from time to time and will answer any questions regarding about your requests.

By the way, our OFFICIAL website is on the way. Our customers will be able to view the latest designs on our graphic designs especially our WEDDING CARDS collection! Check it out!

Till then,

Adha Shamsuddin
Freeway Design

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